Sidus Animation, which pushed Korean animation to the next step with its 2019 feature film Red Shoes, is producing an animated adaptation of the renowned fantasy novel Toemarok (working title).

The animated TV series will be based on the Toemarok fantasy novels, which have left an unprecedented and unbeaten record of over 10,000,000 copies sold beginning in 1994 with the first of four volumes.

Toemarok follows the growth of four heroes who possess special, occult powers based in religion, myth, and legend for a unique blend with the superhero genre.

With a cast of diverse characters each with unique powers, Toemarok lends itself to fantastic action scenes, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, but also sports a contemporary environment which shows the heroes living as we do, for a fun and moving story.

Toemarok is schedule for release in 2022.

Yoon-Gyu Park

An excommunicated priest. An unwavering guardian

In his youth, Park was a promising doctor.

But when he saw his friend’s daughter, Mira, writhe in pain after becoming possessed by an evil spirit, he was shocked and fell into anguish in the face of such a phenomenon that no doctor could resolve. At the end of his tribulations, Park studied Catholicism and was ordained as a priest. However, he was later excommunicated after taking actions contrary to Catholic doctrine.

With his aura and power of prayer, Park is a reliable guardian for the four exorcists and handles their strategy in combat. In normal life, Park also serves as their emotional pillar and, in a way, surrogate father.

Seung-Hee Hyun

A woman with limitless power, a God sealed inside her

Hyun studied art and archeology in her early 20s.

With her chic personality and popstar-like appearance, she is popular with both men and women.

She excellent fashion sense and an impressive influence on Youtube and other SNSs, but hates showing her face.

She was born with powerful telekinesis and the Indian God ‘Radha’ sealed inside her.

She possesses diverse fighting styles, at times using her telekinesis to strike  out physically and other times using it to magnify the other exorcists prayers and abilities, all at her whim.

The God sealed inside her has limitless energy and potential, but is also dangerous since she uses its power despite having never learned to control it.

Hyun-Am Lee

A Warrior with a warm heart and a sword of justice

Lee looks like an average man in his early 30’s.

In a fight, Lee is the shock trooper, skilled in hand-to-hand combat and having mastered tai chi and Korean marital arts. Lee is an aggressive fighter who relies on his physical strength. His fiery personality leads him to be impatient and react sensitively to injustice, yet he also possess a cool, level-headedness with which he cautiously looks for clues to solve any problem.

Lee tries to grow his strength to avenge his little sister, whom he lost to an unknown entity, but much of the time he overexerts himself, putting himself in deadly situations. Each time, he develops the spirit and endurance of his martial arts through the help of the monks and eccentrics he meets. He is never without his knife, ‘Wolhyang,’ as if it were a part of him.

Joon-Hoo Jang

A fated child, foretold by prophecy

Jang met Hyun-am and Father Park when we was nine years old. Ever since he was a newborn baby, Jang grew up in a Buddhist temple and has a traditional lifestyle and mindset. He prefers wearing traditional clothes and braided hair and is also vegetarian. Born a child prodigy, Jang mastered the charms, incantations, and talismans of Shamanist and Taoist magics at a young age and has learned all the essences of the Haedong Buddhism. Those who know Jang have difficulty understanding the depth of his powers and potential, and Jang is himself more comfortable with gods and spirits than other people. His upbringing left with an overly adult way of speaking and thinking but now and then his innocent childness will come through, earning the adoration of the as the youngest of the group.