Running Man – Season 2


Turning comical variety show to variety show like animation.

Runningman became a hero by keeping peace in the world with true courage and teamwork!

But for a little while, Runningman are captured by unknown villains.
The stadium where they arrived was full of angry Pullulu crowd!

The Runningman who unexpectedly entered the survival game has to defeat an endless opponent to escape from this place. To survive, and to reveal the truth Runningman starts running again!


Bug clan , age 16

#Inventor #Strategist #Leader

Leave this operation to me!
Brain of Runningman Liu


Barth clan, age 16

#All-powerful #Beast’s Hunch #Super Paw (hand blast)

No problem with any opponent!
The strongest warrior Kuga


Giraffe clan, age 15

#Prince #Betrayal #Flexible

No. 1 for petty tricks!
Prince full of wit, Lonky


Nyanya clan, age 16

#Ace #Spacing Out #Agent

I can see all the truth!
Mysterious secret agent Miyo


Pen clan, age 15

#Kid #Tactician #Timelord

Victory is mine with just one card!
The Great Wizard of Snowy Field


Impala clan, age 38

#Weakest #Healing Master #Invincible Mode

Do not under estimate me!
Golden Healing Master Pala