Running Man – Season 1

RUNNING MAN – Season 1


The Soul Tree – Its fruit was the source of energy for civilization,
but was also a curse that brought about war between the clans.
One day amid the hardships of an endless war, the leaders of the clans reach a peace agreement and set up a special place for a fair fight:
A contest between representatives of the clans, whose winner will claim the right to the fruit of the Soul Tree.
The contestants equip themselves with special watches and shields to eliminate their opponent.
A fierce last one standing competition until the last one standing! Elite contestants competing for the fate of their clan!
We call them ‘Running Man’.




Outstanding strategic planner

Clan: Bug clan / age 16
Superpower: jump
Strong points: excellent strategy planning; team leadership
Weak points: excessive meddling; rash behavior
The representative of the Bug clan, an agricultural society that boasts extraordinary scientific technology. Lui demonstrates eadership through surprise strategies and solves cases with his unique investigative obsession.


Extraordinary strength

Clan: Barth clan / age 16
Superpower: super paw (hand blast)
Strong points: extraordinary fighting strength; intuition of a wild beast
Weak points: palm inferiority complex; laser pointer dot
The representative of the Barth clan, with the greatest of warriors who turned their backs on the world to concentrate on training. Kuga enters the contest to test his power in the bigger world. Although he tends to be overly confident, he is anxious that the secret of his palms could be exposed.



Clan: Giraffe clan / age 15
Superpower: mind control (hypnosis)
Strong points: survival skills of a weed; eloquence; extendable arms, legs, and neck
Weak points: terrible dance skills; inferiority complex about rank
The representative of the giraffe clan, which firmly survived even between greater powers. Lonky entered the contest with determination that winning the Running Man Contest is the only way to escape their current rank of 49th place and claim the right to rule. Lonky is distrusted by everyone; he is notorious for suggesting an alliance in order to betray his opponents.



Clan: Nyanya clan / age 16
Superpower: psychometry
Strong points: flexibility characteristic of the clan; excellent combat skills in general
Weak points: defenseless daze when using supernatural ability
The representative of the Nyanya clan, which has communicated with gods and spirits since ancient times. It may look as though Miyo is competing to represent her clan, but her real purpose is to complete a secret mission. Miyo has the ability to read her opponent’s mind, but no one knows this fact.


Representative minstrel of the Mon clan

Clan: Mon clan / age 16
Superpower: replication
Strong points: agility; various types of combat based on speed
Weak points: says useless things to be romantic; sense of guilt
The representative of the Mon clan, who used to live as war slaves before disappearing into the mountains. Gai entered the contest to restore honor to his clan under the command of the clan leader, but also has his own agenda. Gai boasts excellent agility and unique replication powers, but there is a secret to his replication power.


Quick-witted schemer

Clan: Pen clan / age 15
Superpower: time magic
Strong points: various card magic; shrewdness
Weak points: weak physical ability due to short height, impetuousness.
The Representative of the Pen clan, who gained influence in the city by using their magic. Entered the contest for his own wealth and honor rather than for the clan. Popo can use various types of magic and does not do anything that may result in a loss, thanks to his excellent calculation skills.


An easygoing alchemist

Clan: Impala clan / age 38
Superpower: alchemy
Strong point: knowledge of medicinal herbs; extraordinary sense of smell
Weak point: extremely poor physical strength, easily gets involved in bad situations
The Representative of the Impala clan, who have a carefree, easygoing personality with great alchemy skills. The clan is not competitive in general, meaning Pala had to enter the contest against his own wishes. He is known as one of the weakest, but possesses healing alchemy skills of healing that cannot be ignored.