Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs

Red shoes and the seven dwarfs

Everything changes with a new twist on an old tale!

The story began as director SungHo Hong thought back on the fairy tales that he had read when he was younger and asked himself, ‘what is a story that people can all know and share?’ Famed raconteurs of the 19th century, the Brothers Grimm popularized many fairy tales now known throughout the world, from “The Little Mermaid” to “Sleeping Beauty,” and Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs provides a unique and entertaining new perspective to their popular tale, “Snow White.”

While the original Snow White was a passive character, relying on the huntsman and the seven dwarfs to defeat the witch, the Snow White of Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs may be a princess, but instead of a crown or extravagant dress, her adventurous personality and sense of justice show Snow taking the initiative.    Meanwhile, seven princes, each with their own unique personality and talents, from cooking, to fashion, to invention, are accustomed to being treated like celebrities but find themselves turned into seven green dwarves. Through their exciting and engaging adventure, Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs asks the question of what true beauty means.


On Fairytale Island, Fantastic happenings are a daily occurrence.

Snow sets off from Castle White in search of her missing father, the King, when she comes across a pair magical shoes which turn her into the completely new “Red Shoes.”

On her quest, Red Shoes discovers a house in which live seven princes who were turned into seven green dwarfs. The dwarfs decide to help Red Shoes, since she is their only hope of breaking their curse. Meanwhile, the nefarious queen Regina dreams of eternal beauty, and begins to chase after Red Shoes for her magic shoes…

As Fairytale Island falls into peril,
what will become of Red Shoes and the seven princes?

Snow White & Red Shoes

“Is this the real me?”

A normal girl born into extraordinary circumstances; she’s a lively princess with a brave and pure heart. When her stepmother, Queen Regina, seizes control of Castle White, Snow must flee the castle on a quest to find her missing father.  In the process she comes across the seven dwarfs, but little does she know that they are actually seven princes cursed for their vanity.



You got Merlin’d

Prince Merlin, the confident leader of the princess rescue team, the Fearless Seven (F7), is an unfortunate main character who falls under a spell that turns him into a dwarf as he searches for a princess who is a good match for him.

As he immediately falls in love with Red Shoes at first sight, he is determined to lift his curse.

The Macho - Arthur

Trust in my strength

Arthur is the strongest of the F7. With his macho appearance and simple, direct approach to matters, Arthur thinks of himself as a rivaling Merlin for the leadership of the F7. He believes the way to prove this is to finally pull the legendary sword Excalibur from the stone, but this is a task easier said than done. As much as he runs up against Merlin for leadership of the F7, Arthur does so much more in trying to win Red Shoes’ attention.

Fashionista - Jack

This is the finest French recipe to hydrate skin

“Jack and the Giant Beanstalk,” Jack returned from his journey up the beanstalk with the giant’s riches and made his family wealthy. Taking care of his skin every day and always carrying a hand-mirror, Jack grooms himself to the point of narcissism. Strangely enough, he is as just as much in love with himself as a troll and takes just as much care of his appearance. Despite having the looks and speech of a French aristocrat, he is fiercely loyal and would give up even his most precious diamond ring without hesitation in order to save his friends.

The Gourmet - Hans

“Sweet treats are the way to a woman’s heart

With his curly red hair, Hans is renowned for his cooking.  His happy-go-lucky personality allows him to get along with pretty much anyone, and he acts as a sort of older brother to Merlin, continually giving him sage advice. Warm-hearted and skilled at cooking, Hans loves to eat and loves making delicious food for others even more.

The Genius Triplets - Pino, Niko, Kio

Did somebody call the invention brothers?

In little more than jeans and the thick shirt, the triplets can build just about anything from the woodbot to a polaroid camera. Being turned into dwarfs appears to have had little affect on their desire to continually create and build new inventions. Always cheerful, the triplets provide an indispensable role to the team, and their adorable playful raises the F7s spirits even in the darkest of times.

From Fairy tale Island to the whole World