Character IP



Character IP

Sidus Animation Studios has developed a diverse line-up of characters in-house and operates a character licensing business through its global network of partnerships.


A Rabbit with a Warm Heart


Ever silent and shy, Booto is a timid rabbit but will always
lend his ear for anyone’s sincere thoughts and feelings.
Whenever any opens their heart this way,
Booto will turn into the warmest friend in the world.
Booto’s long scarfs holds messages to convey the feelings of this little rabbit with a warm heart.

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With cheeks always blushing with a pink hue and draped in a diaper, Baby Booto is both adorable and affectionate.
Baby Booto cannot resist being curious, and is an active sort who is always trying something new.
Though this energetic baby rabbit cannot seem to sit still for even a moment,
Baby Booto has a group of peculiar friends.

Curious Friends

The curious friends know how to crank up to a new level of wackiness.
With an assortment of personalities that nonetheless mesh, the group has an unpredictable imagination that is as creative as it is absurd.
The stories they create are probably best understood by them alone – but that’s okay because Baby Booto and the curious friends are always happily playing together.

wood bears

They’re wooden; they’re bears – they’re wood bears!


Wooden bears from the animated film Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs. These three brothers and sisters have the most fun when they’re having playful mischief.
Even though they were turned into woodbears by a witch’s curse, these three mischief-makers exclaim “playing like this is so much fun!”


These nature-loving animal friends are goofy and off the wall!!


In a vast sea lies the fantastical island of ‘Viva Jungle.’
These animals live on an island that seems familiar but is yet undiscovered.
With Johny, Koo, Chichi, Booboo and ten friends in all – One of them may be cute, but get even two together and antics are sure to ensue.
But all of them love and cherish their island home most of all.



Da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da Kong-da-Kong!
These three beanbags cultivate children’s imagination with lively games that make learning fun.