For theater / Recruit for TV series animation production crew

LOCUS ANIMATION STUDIOS, located in Seoul, South Korea, is an animation & character content production studio that deals with full-length theater, series, and character businesses. LOCUS ANIMATION STUDIOS is the only studio in Korea that can produce full-length theater animations at a major Hollywood studio level.

The studio’s first animation, “Red Shoes and The 7Dwarfs”, is currently in production with the premiere date set for the fall of 2019. After completing production in 2018, the animation will be premiered throughout the world. In addition, the TV series animation “Running Man”, which is based on the SBS TV show “Running Man”, is under production with Naver LINE. It has been broadcasted on Saturday mornings on SBS since July 2017, and the 2nd season of Running Man, which is under production, is expected to begin broadcasting in 2018. Moreover, the studio’s character ‘Booto’ is actively being licensed in Asian regions including Korea, China, Taiwan, etc.

In this way, LOCUS ANIMATION STUDIOS is continuously developing various animations and characters, and is taking a big step towards becoming a global animation studio that delivers joy and inspiration to the world.

LOCUS ANIMATION STUDIOS is always looking for passionate and talented individuals who love animation.